Development Finance

Loan Square specialize in Development Finance and intends to provide Kiwi developers secure finance for their development projects.

Our multinational experience and strong business acumen hugely benefits our clients in the development sector, giving them flexibility and ease of getting things done. We have a huge network of contacts in the construction sector which can be immensely useful in case you need them.

We are NZ based and owned, non-bank lender and understand the intricacies of the development cycle. Our directors have engineering and architectural background and have been involved in real estate construction and related business in NZ for the last 6 years. One of our directors has worked in the banking sector for 20 years and understands project financing well.

From land acquisition to the final stage of construction we break down barriers to all stages of the project life cycle.

Bespoke Development Funding

Developers and Builders understand that time is money and Loan Square is best to provide quick turn around and flexibility

Residential Developments

Terrace Houses, Duplex, Triplex or Stand Alone Houses

Commercial Developments

Boarding Houses, Industrial Warehouse & Childcare Centres


Residential, Commercial and Industrial Subdivisions


Finance Options Availiable From $500,000 to $10,000,000

Features & Benefits of Loan Square Development Finance

Flexible and easy lending criteria with no hidden cost

Multinational experience to create highly competitive packages for our clients

Funding available within week once all criteria are met

Experienced and knowledgeable team for making things easy

Tailor made solutions as per the clients need and portfolio

Evaluating the Opportunity

From inception to funds disbursement, we review the full development lifecycle and custom design the funding packages. Funding is tailor made to the needs of the project.

Our comprehensive package evaluates the project, gives constructive feedback and advice clients not only at enquiry level but also during project execution in terms of loan, assisting in easy communication with other stakeholders’ consultants, contractors.

What we evaluate?

The Funding Process

Our team will quickly access the project feasibility and provide indicative terms as little as 24 hours.

Formal letter of offer is issued and once you accept the indicative terms.

The offer letter details following:

  1. Fee Structure  
  2. Interest rates  
  3. Loan Terms 
  4. Any terms and conditions depending on the project  
  5. Our letter of offer is fully credit approved and we stand by our commitment to fund your project 

Once we receive the signed letter of offer and deposit fee, we work with your solicitor to execute the loan agreement and work with them toward settlement.

Establishment fee and legal fee are payable by the client, and these are stipulated upfront.